A Bootleggers Christmas: Alpha-Alliances Tournament Report

The weather was temperate this past Saturday, although the gray skies and wind posed as a very cold winter day. Our crew assembled on the front steps of Tennessee Brew Works for our third annual Christmas Tournament, A Bootleggers Christmas.  We decided way back that these annual Christmas events would be close Music City friends and family only. An invite tournament sort of, but mostly just a gathering of friends. It started at The Lion’s house with 4 of us and some Publix fried chicken. This year we had 23 friends come out to hang after two drops. We had some great prizes and did a raffle, earning an apt $777 for the Tennessee Boys Home.

This year’s format was AA, or Alpha-Alliances, or 93/94 + Ice Age block, or Old School 95 + Alliances. Whatever you want to call it, it was a lot of fun. See below for standings and decks.


B 1
1st place-The Lion Mono W Prison/Aggro
Jaco-Necro Dreams.jpg
2nd place-Jaco Necro Dreams combo
3rd Place-Alan Finney The Void
4th place-CHIP Erhnam-Geddon
7th place-Stephen Bush Necro
8th place-Fish Red Tron
9th place-Derek Walker Pox
10th place-John Gibson Goblins
11th place-Jeremy Pratt RG Beats
12th place-Sonny T Stasis
13th place-Brandon Burgoa White Weenie
Zack RG
14th place-Zack Bowersox ViseAge
15th place-Adam Richard White Weenie
16th place-Josh Burgoa Finkel or Garfield?
17th place-Sherry T WU Beats
image0 (1)
18th place-Chris Ward Void-Geddon
19th place-Ethan Ward UB Beats
20th place-Charles McFadden Goblins
21st place-CacyC.E. Meta Call RUG
22nd place-Justin NO PIC
Chris H
23rd place-Chris Hukill Sealed Ice Age Starter


Thank you to everyone for coming out and donating to the charity!!! I hope everyone had fun. We had quite a few newcomers at this event, both to Old School and to the group. I’d like to welcome them to the family. Action shots below.


A little history on this one. For last year’s Christmas tourney, our resident alterist, Sonny T, altered a Derelor into a ReinDerelor. Josh Burgoa showed that alter to Anson Maddocks who loved it. Josh then asked him to do his own take on the festive creature and we got this beast. Its home is now with brother Finney and the original Reinderelor alter
orb raffle.jpg
This years Nashville/Christmas themed Brossard alter
Sonny T made Christmas themed alters for all attendees to randomly pick in a backward sleeve


loot table
Two names were drawn from the raffle and CayC.E. ends up flipping Mike for the Brossard alter. A miss can be negated once for another raffle ticket, which CayC.E. did and he prevailed.
3 amigos
Tres Hombres
Josh and Stephen
Maximum Friendship
Brother Finney shows us that making friends is not a priority
Sonny Phono and Sherry Cher. Babe, I got you babe
Go swimming
games 3

games 2

games 1



We have at least a couple more posts slated before the end of the year, one of which will be a quick rundown on the Pox deck I played at this event and my thoughts on the AA format. Those will probably cap off the blog for 2019. I’m looking forward to 2020 and early planning for Bootleggers Ball in the next few months. Look for news on that around February/March of next year. Happy Holidays from Music City. ChuggEggNogg.





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